Comedy Therapy doesn’t just book rooms and develop comedy nights, we also book tours. Our shows are perfect for Theaters, Casinos, Country Clubs and more. Ask about our comedy packages, and book a tour today.

Pick One of Our Featured Tours Below or Let Us Customize a Package and Line Up Just for You!


Did you grow up in the days of playing in the park and having to go to the library to do your research? Did your house have a full set of encyclopedias? Do you know how to skillfully drop the needle on the 3rd track of your favorite album? Did you grow up with a phone on the kitchen wall, a TV with rabbit ears and was the 7 year old version of yourself in fact your dad’s remote? You may be from a certain generation that saw men land on the moon and walls come down in Berlin. Our generation is a tour of comedians from the same generation as you. No more going to a club and hearing some comic talk about emojis and digital downloads. We’ve got house payments, kids and retirement accounts and we’re not afraid to talk about it! A 90 minute show featuring 3 of your favorite comedians who just so happen to be from Our Generation.


A rotating cast of comedians, 6 per show, who will take you on a 2 hour comedy ride. Multi generational, multi cultural, and fun. This show features something for everyone.


Like your comedy political? Politics as usual is a fun night of comedians from both sides of the isle. Staunch Republicans and life long Democrats share the stage and show that while we may be divided politically, we are united in laughter.


Some of your favorite sketch comedy performers from our friends at New Media Comedy Worldwide bring their on line comedy into your venue for a 90 minute night of fun. A show that is fully tailorable, and can be based off your needs, Insta Sketch lives in the tradition of a Saturday Night Live.


Like your comedy more one on one, we have several comedians, Carole Montgommery, Mark Riccadonna, Jim Mendrinos and Leighann Lord to name a few, who can come out and perform a 75 minute comedy concert. So if you want to go in depth with a performer for an intimate event, this is the show for you.